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Day 88: Finding the alchemist

Everyone needs different things at different times in order to jump start or further their healing, and no two healing sessions are ever alike. The job of a healing is to hold space for the process and perhaps be a messenger or conduit for the new information that wants to come through. For me, in my healing session with Adam, I saw a gateway to a different life for myself; one in which I was married and about to have a baby in Costa Rica. Now that’s a rather large departure from the current life I was living in Utah, so the healing becomes what do I want to do with that information. Do I take the information literally? Do I take it symbolically? It becomes up to each person to interpret what is trying to come through, and how they receive it. And such was the case when Adam came and did his sessions on staff and clients. My spa director got the goodbye she needed from her dog who passed, another staff member got information she was seeking on her relationship, but there were two spa clients who had sessions with Adam that helped to shift the trajectory of their life. First, there was Bernadette, who was a Park City local in her late 70’s who had been feeling as though she was a little stuck in her life. Nothing was particularly wrong, but she knew she felt change coming, and wanted to be more open to it. When she arrived for her session with Adam I could tell she was open and curious about what Adam had to offer, but still a little reserved, which was the best place to be for a session. And an hour or so later, it was incredible to see and feel the shift in her. She emerged from her session with Adam looking and feeling like an entirely new woman and I could hardly believe it myself if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. The changes that can occur inside of people in a healing session still mesmerizes me and though I didn’t necessarily understand what was happening, it was inspiring. Bernadette entered the spa as a woman who felt obligated to her roll as a caretaker for her family, but she emerged talking about her dream of moving to Itay. As Bernadette was leaving the spa she told us she wanted to come see Adam again, maybe in Costa Rica, and she asked when the next time I’d be down there with him; a question that was so simple but quite profound, because Adam and I were taking our relationship day by day, and at that point, we were still barely 2 weeks into our journey together, so my next costa Rica trip wasn’t planned yet. But I told her we’d let her know, which was sufficient for her. Before leaving, Bernadette also mentioned that she wanted her friend Holly to see Adam as well, and she asked if he had any openings left for the day, and he did, so after Bernadette left, the spa got a phone call and Holly was now on Adam’s schedule. But here’s the thing about Adam’s next client Holly; I saw her last name and realized I already knew her. Assuming it was the same Holly, she’d been my accountant for the last 7 or 8 years. Initially when I saw the schedule I thought there’d been a mistake, because why would my accountant be coming in for an energy healing session? Because at that point I was telling myself that only certain types of people came in for healing sessions, and I’d put my accountant on the not likely list. So I called her office and asked her assistant if Holly had plans today, and sure enough, seeing Adam that afternoon was on her calendar, and I enjoyed feeling surprised. I’d only known Holly through the lens of being my accountant at that point; I’d come in to her office, I’d hand over my hard drive with my Quickbooks on it, she’d make the necessary changes, and return my hard disk and I’d file my taxes. Every time I visited her office I noticed the random trinkets and crystals around, and sure I’d see a few travel pictures with her family, but I never thought much of it. I particularly didn’t think that Holly had a witchy side, or something on her heart that needed an energy healer, which in hindsight shows I didn’t know much about who appears to need what from who. So I was excited to see her in this context of receiving a healing session with Adam. But what I wasn’t prepared to see was the Holly who entered the spa; it was like she was a different person. She was wearing completely different clothes than she usually did, and it looked like ceremonial clothing. She was also wearing a large noticeable necklace that seemed to glow. Holly had never met Adam before that day, but that day in the spa when they saw each other for the first time, their camaraderie was instant, as if they’d known each other for years. And it started when Adam recognized a particular stone in her necklace and something about it; and I saw Holly instantly grin in a new way I hadn’t seen before when we were talking about taxes. I could tell she was already feeling seen and recognized by Adam already, and they hadn’t even gone into the room yet. They shared the kind of hug usually reserved for all time friends, and entered the room to have their experience together. I didn’t know that Holly practiced shamanic journeying, because I’d only experienced her tax side, but when Adam came out of the room a little over an hour later, he was exhausted but looked proud of the work he’d done. He let me know he was leaving Holly in the room alone for a bit to “come back” when she was ready. It took nearly an hour, but Holly reemerged from out of the treatment room, and looked as though she were glowing. She was showing me an entirely different side to her; it was Holly, unlocked. Holly leaned against the couch and sipped her cup of water, just smiling at me. And I felt like the woman before me was not just the accountant I knew; she had so much more of her she hasn’t shown and that was interesting to me. When she found words after a few minutes, she pointed at Adam and said, “you are GOOD at this;” and with that, she was done, and Holly made her way slowly across the spa lounge, through the lobby door and over to the front desk to pay. I was stunned at what I’d just seen and heard, and was beginning to wonder if everyone had this sort of hidden softness inside them that just needed to be lured out or released. Perhaps it just needed a permission slip to come out and a safe space to land, and that’s what Adam was providing at the spa. It was hard to describe, but impossible not to notice and feel the results people were showing. After a full day of treatments for him at the spa, it was time to relax; so I took Adam to an 845pm yoga class taught by one of my favorite yoga instructor named James. I’d been one of James’s strongest supporters since he started teaching yoga a few years before, when yoga saved me from myself. And because I was a regular in the evening class, I felt a warm welcome when I entered with Adam, and James and Adam shared a warm hug. And though the main yoga studio was upstairs next door, this particular yoga room was street level, and had a large window along one side, so you could sense the hustle and bustle of the outside world of people and cars, and feel it begin to quiet as it got later. We were close enough to walk to the studio from my house, and it felt amazing to have Adam beside me and have him practicing yoga beside me, adorned in clothes he’d either borrowed or been gifted. After class we talked with James for a few minutes and after seeing the camaraderie between them, I got an idea. What if Adam were to come with me on James’s yoga retreat over Memorial Day week in Jamaica? It seemed a little crazy to think 5 months ahead already, when we’d barely been together 2 weeks, but something felt like Adam needed to be in Jamaica with me, so before we left for the night, I mentioned to James quietly that I’d probably be bringing a plus one to his retreat, and he smiled, giving me a thumbs up. I hadn’t discussed these Memorial Day plans with Adam yet, but I was planting a seed and seeing where things went. And off we went to feel the cool breeze on our walk home and life felt the most in alignment it had ever been, although a lot of the how to details of Adam and I were far from clear. The next morning I awoke early to my cell phone ringing, and saw it was Holly my accountant calling. A call before 7am couldn’t have been related to accounting, so I panicked for a moment that something had happened after her healing session, so I quickly answered saying, “Holly, are you okay?” And without answering my question, she said in a decisive voice, “I need to talk to Adam right now.” Adam was still sleeping, but because it felt urgent, I gently nudged him awake and handed him my phone saying, “hey baby, Holly needs to talk with you” and he awoke immediately and took the phone. I watched him sit up in bed and listen to Holly speaking to him, and then he motioned for me to hand him my notebook and pen which were on he bedside table, and I saw him scribbling a name and phone number down. “Okay, yeah, alright, how exciting, thank you Holly...” and he hung up and handed me back my phone. Adam gazed at me with an inquisitive look and said, “baby, it’s all happening. I need to call this guy Bill when I wake up again. And you’re amazing.” And with that, Adam went back to sleep for another hour. What did he mean with that comment? And why had my accountant just called Adam before 7am? And who was this guy Bill with a phone number in Colorado? The questions kept unfolding and I was excited for Adam to wake up so I could see what this was all about. When Adam did wake up he told me that Holly had met a guy named Bill in Arizona at a crystal skull seminar she’d attended and he was an alchemist creating healing tools in Colorado that were quite unique. She called because she’d gotten a clear message (from source) that Adam needed to talk to Bill and meet him. Ummm, ok, but how on earth would that unfold if he was in Colorado? Holly’s instructions didn’t make much sense, though little was making sense, but the theme seemed to be say yes and lean in, so that’s what I did. I just continued trusting, observing and following what was unfolding and did my best not to get in the way with my opinions of what was right, wrong, normal or weird. Adam decided to call Holly's friend Bill soon after he woke up, because we were both curious what this we about; and I just sat on the bed with him watching and listening to the conversation. Bill answered after the first ring and Adam introduced himself as a friend of Holly’s from the crystal skull gathering, and shared that Holly wanted he and Adam to talk, and that was Adam’s intro. After that I heard Bill ask Adam a few distinct questions about the universe, and Adam went on to share his background in physics and crystals, and I felt an ease come over their conversation, and the two began to chat like old friends about sacred geometry, physics and the Universe, and I left them alone for a few minutes. When I re entered the room, Adam had just hung up the phone, and with complete confidence, he said we were going to meet Bill some time soon in Colorado and learn more about his healing tools. Huh? We were going to Colorado together at some point? And what were these healing tools? I reminded myself that I was practicing saying yes, so I just smiled, feeling quietly relieved that Adam had just added a future item on our timeline together, which made me less nervous about inviting him to a yoga retreat 5 months away. Adam assured me that we weren’t supposed to plan a date yet, because he was confident, it would all unfold naturally and be clear when we were supposed to go, so I just continued to trust, and prepare for our trip to chicago to meet his family because we were leaving the next day.  

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