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Day 69: today

Tonight we’re hosting a women’s group tonight at our house for book club. Adam is cooking dinner and his famous carrot cake, and Aurora is helping him. The book is “girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis. She itemizes lies she tells herself and things that have helped her overcome them. In the spirit of that, I’ll share some of the unhealthy stories I tell myself and how since reading this book a few months ago, I’ve taken some self care steps The lies/stories I tell myself: I don’t have enough time to write It’s writing OR being a mom and good wife Steps I’ve taken: 1. I am days deep on my goal of writing every day 2. I have been making my relationship more of a priority, and initiating love making more often. I’ve also noticed how awkward I am sometimes at initiating love making. But it’s funny to talk about with Adam 3. On October 1st I committed to re-examine and heal my relationship with sex and I released (into the universe through the portal of my blog not to them personally) a ton of letters to guys who were my sexual energy teachers. That was powerful. 4. I’m asking for more help and support in different ways from our support team here at the sanctuary. Perspectives on my writing, creating a glossary, help with cooking, and with running errands. And now we’ve added help in the form of a nanny. It’s like I’ve created a life of adding value to my life. 5. That means more time for writing, more time with my family and more time for me. I’m excited to share my perspective on self care and what stories I’m healing with this group tonight. And I’ll be sharing a big story tomorrow. It’s been taking a few days to brew. Namaste

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