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Day 65: integration

Day 65: it’s an integration day 

Inhale, exhale and repeat 10 times.

Today I’m resting.

My dad left yesterday after a wonderful 60 hour visit and I’m happy but tired.  I woke up this morning at 3am, which is my favorite time to be awake and write. 

It’s dark outside, my aromatherapy diffuser & lava lamp light up the room and it’s chilly enough that I put on a light long sleeved shirt that’s my favorite color blue and have a fuzzy blanket over my legs because I can. I feed and change Aurora, turn off the baby monitor so that Adam can get some uninterrupted sleep, I add some frankincense to my diffuser, make some fennel tea with honey and i sit down on the recliner couch to take it all in. I just introduced you to my sliver of magical mindful creation time. I glance at Instagram & Facebook and I glance at my email, but they’re not my focus. I’m my focus. It’s my integration time after I’ve slept for a few hours, so I’m going through a recalibration of my energies. It’s a space of magical mindfulness and it’s how source connects with me to deliver messages, inspirations, ah ha’s, synchronicities and healings. I become a manifestation magnet and beacon for magic and healing, in tune with and channeling the celestial currents through writing, speaking, teaching yoga, solving problems, getting bodywork, giving healing sessions, being present and being and existing in love with my husband. I’m highly emotional, soft, available and aware during this space I carve for myself in the morning. So it matters who and what I allow to influence me and that’s the space I’m beginning to stream from in this space that I’ve carved for myself here. Why am I saying this? Because I’ve stressed myself lately with this writing goal. So much amazing and important stuff has been coming through, so I feel pressure to sit down and write it all down. So much that it’s taking away time from Adam and Aurora. For instance I’ve caught myself feeling annoyed that Aurora got a dirty diaper and I needed to stop writing to change it, and I was less enthusiastic when Adam wanted me to go for a walk, make love, or hang out as a family. Because I hadn’t posted yet or finished writing my story. And some days I’d spend 4-5 hours on a story. Just because I set the goal to release a story daily. So this is me giving myself permission to better clarify to myself what my end goal and strategy is here. To experience and share love and healing in all areas of my life, and beam that shit out through all my outlets. So this goal that started 65 days ago after reading and being inspired to begin writing by Girl, Wash Your Face, needs some tweaks. So this is an integration day and re-membering of my priorities. Myself-magic mindful times and moments are essential Self care through facials, family connection, massages, play, writing, healing and orgasms. So I’m getting clear today on how to better adjust my writing schedule to support all of the above. Competed: 4:44am 

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