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Day 62: Status Update

*This picture was taken from a garden I toured in Ubud Bali.

I've been writing for 63 days straight, holy shit. Finally getting these stories OUT!!!! And now being this far in I think it's a great time to share what I have noticed in my life in general. Because I'm positive the writing is healing me, it's helping me check something off my inner to do list that's been on there for 7 years. And I'm obsessed with crossing shit off to-do lists so the satisfaction I get from writing each day is akin to having an orgasm or a Xanex. Same same, but different ;)

Anyway, back to what I've noticed:

1. A more connected relationship in how we move around each other. There's more softness and teamwork.

2. Our sex life gets better every time we give it our full attention, which has been averaging about 4-5 times a week. And I notice that the more we make love the better everything else gets too.

3. Aurora May is getting so active and playful and is officially mobile, so life is changing quickly. I have to decide each time I leave the room, "will she crawl over these pillows?" and factor that into my decisions how to move about my moments. So it's a true rooting down in the moments, which is healthy.

4. My yoga classes are feeling better than ever

5. We're attracting so many incredible volunteers here through Work Away! Right now we feel very supported with 5 people here from all over the world.

6. We've broken ground on our new house, the Lanktuary, and we've made a few last minute changes in the design to support ourselves for future grown and more yoga spaces, like on the rooftop for instance.

7. I'm more aware of my sugar intake; and I guess that's the first step to getting a sugar habit under control. I've noticed sugar is my comfort food and I'm seeking out different comforts because the downfalls of sugar are effecting me (my skin breaks out, I get anxiety, and I gain weight). All for a moment on the lips. Seems like my body is doing bad math, so I'm turning my sugar ship around slowly.

8. I feel happy, soft and light more often. And for me to even notice it is a big deal.

9. My dad is coming to visit tomorrow for 2 nights.

10. I've been loving my weekly accountability meetings I've been having with my girlfriend MJ. We're healing our relationships with sex and sexual energy, one guy and story at a time.

Ok, I need to rest.

Ciao for now.

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