Day 55: today

October 3, 2018


Today My healing work wasn’t about writing. It was about receiving love and doing inner work in multiple forms.

1. I had a goal accountability meeting with my girlfriend MJ, and we did had the most amazing and real discussion around life. We set goals, we discuss them and we discuss what comes up in the meantime between our Tuesday morning hangout times. Since I’d last talked to her, we’d done an enormous cleaning out of the space, we improved upon the design of the house, we got an extension of 3 weeks on our sanctuary lease to give us more time to transition, I wrote every day and released a ton, I forgave a lot of men around sexuality, I forgave myself around a lot of behavior and I softened. So I got to discuss that kinda stuff with her, no big deal.
2. I reconciled some accounting & responsibilities that had been looming—these were phone calls and follow ups on things that had been taking up space in my awareness

3. I received an unexpected healing session from my husband. Thank you baby, I love you 

4. I took a yoga class 

5. I went to the beach with Aurora 
6. I asked for help with cleaning


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