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Day 49: energy clearing

Energy is so powerful.

I know that, but each time a big shift happens in our spaced happens I’m reminded of the power of energy and it’s a big self check. Today we began stage 1 of getting ready to leave the Sanctuary and it’s about cleaning, clearing and sorting what’s here. And holy shit it’s a lot of work.. Adam has lived in this complex for 10 years and me almost 6 years and every time we return from the states we bring something back and add to the Sanctuary's inventory. So now it’s time to do the work and see what’s ours, what’s the owners, what’s broken, what’s fixable, what’s trash, what can find a new home and what we want to take to the new space.

It takes a lot of teamwork and energy to do this important space cleaning and clearing ceremony and I can’t help but relate it to what I’m going through in life right now with sorting through my head and calling out all my stories and beliefs. The last few weeks with this writing assignment have me digging through my consciousness and seeing what stories are there, which ones want to come out and what kind of charge some of the stories still have, if any. If it's a happy story, it gets looked at, loved on, written, saged and released.  If it's a sad story, it gets looked at, loved on, written, saged and released.  If it's a traumatic story that still has some healing left for me to do, it gets looked at, loved on, written, saged and kept for my eyes only, for the meantime, until I'm ready to release it. 

And just as we're sorting through the Rancho at the Sanctuary, so I'm continuing to sort through me. So may the cleaning and clearing journey continue...


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