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Day 46: an unconventional fairy tale

I’ll preface this next piece of writing in sharing that it was a writing assignment in my coaching group this week. We needed rewrite our life story as a fairy tale.

It’s harder than you might think, but away I went...


It was a beautiful day in the Universe, as it always is, but on this particular day of August 7th, 1977, at 9:06am in Dallas Texas, a powerful healer was born into her earthly assignment. But before she entered the human dimension, she was programmed with her magic by the higher Gods for what she was sent to Earth to accomplish, experience, heal through and therein teach to others. But part of her soul’s journey, was not being told that she was either a healer or divine, as the discovery of her power was part of her learning. This powerful healer’s name was Harriet, a name that wasn’t common in her part of the world, and her human self secretly loathed her soul’s name. But learning to accept her given name was part of her accepting her soul’s magic and learning to be BOLD. The Gods knew that Harriet’s earthly life would not be an easy one, because one of the gifts they’d given her to discover was her own powerful energy and her extreme sensitivity to the energy of others. The early days of experiencing this gift were hard, as she felt misunderstood and simultaneously too much and not enough. She often just wanted to be alone, as being around others left her feeling tired and overwhelmed because she hadn’t yet learned the tools to manage her energy or protect her energy from being infiltrated or dominated by others. That would come later, as discovering her soul’s power was part of her earth mission. The Gods also wanted self care to be a priority for Harriet, so they gifted her with anxiety and tense muscles that were in constant need of relaxation, and skin that expressed itself in the form of acne, something that humans labeled as undesirable and unattractive. So caring for her body & skin became some of her first rituals of realizing the importance of self care as a path to healing her self imposed disconnection. People of all types, both healers and unrealized healers were drawn to Harriet; she could help them along their own self healing, but often their healing crisis would manifest through her, in the form of sexual or verbal abuse. And part of the earth work for Harriet would be to feel and heal the unharmonized trauma she’d experience with others, cut the cords and call back the power she continued to give away. But 16 years into her journey, Harriet’s disbelief in herself was so out of balance that the Gods needed to take massive action to reset her healing path; so they created the circumstances for a car accident to unfold that would shake her up enough for the reset to occur. They insured she was divinely protected the entire way by the other angel messengers they’d sent to help. And during her time in between worlds in her coma, the Gods once again sat Harriet’s soul down for a review of what she was on Earth to do, and they reminded her that all she’d gone through was part of it. Harriet once again received the itemized list of experiences that she was here to grow through and things she was here to teach other divine souls, and the Gods told her she couldn’t re-enter her human world until she’d signed off on her purpose once again, as she did before she was born. So once again, Harriet agreed to her purpose in the human world, of being a channel for healing & love and an advocate for self care. Of course she wouldn’t immediately remember her encounter in between worlds or her choice to accept her earth mission and re-enter the human world. That remembering would come later. But fortunately the Gods programmed this knowing into her cells and energy grid, and would make it available to her when she’d get quiet, be soft and ask for divine help, all things that take work. Harriet would later learn that having this disruption by a near death experience to her human journey, was both an invitation and initiation into a life characterized by people & events that would accelerate her soul’s healing journey. And the more she leaned into the lessons, the deeper and more powerful she’d become. Harriet’s inner power attracted her a bold, beautiful, authentic and magical life, and gave her access to a style of living that was FREEing for her. She was going to use her second chance at life purposefully and feel grateful for it. The Gods were proud of Harriet as she continued to follow the breadcrumbs they gave her, so they strengthened her gifts and gave her more opportunities to uncover them. Soon she’d realize she could alchemize and heal pain in herself and others through touch and her written and spoken words. So the Gods helped her create a healing empire, which makes manifested as her soul’s creation, a day spa, which is a reflection of love & divine purpose. But the Gods saw how well she was integrating her gifts that they decided to grade her, and answer her human desire for love beyond her wildest dreams. And so they sent her Adam, a partner who would help her feel & heal it all. But there was a hitch; Harriet would have to learn how to receive the love she’d never gotten and learn to love herself fiercely. And the trials and problems she creates for herself as she actively and passively says no to love, are the magic medicine she’s here to share. So the world will relate to and heal from Harriet sharing herself & her stories. Her life is her message, and she shares her medicine through yoga, energy work, massage, Align Spa & self care retreats all over the world, but mainly at the healing homestead she, Adam and Aurora have created in Costa Rica. And through her stories of overcoming the seemingly impossible, you’ll have permission to also say yes and lean into your own love. You can find yourself and your own relationship with love in her stories, and it’ll give you permission to rise up & heal yours. Yes to that. And the more she leaned in and shared her life & stories, the more she helped the world heal, 1 person at a time.

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