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Day 42: the heal is real

The last two days of writing about my tattoo journeys was more therapeutic than I ever imagined it could be. Now I feel like I can look back at these scenarios and laugh because I’ve called them back into my life rather than keeping them stuck in the cosmos with heavy emotions like shame or embarrassment attached to them. Several years ago when I first envisioned writing a book I felt like a fitting title for a section would be “that happened,” and that’s been what I’ve shared so far. Some things that have happened haven’t necessarily had a clear reason as to why they’ve occurred, so the lesson seems to be having the courage to own that it happened. Most of what I’ve shared so far is funny or a little cringe worthy, as I’ve been warming up to publicly share the more traumatic stuff. Because trauma is just a stuck emotional experience; I believe that once we re-view and safely feel our way through a trauma and embrace it as part of our life story, we call back the piece of our soul that was left there. Now that’s not always easy that’s for sure. It took me 20 years to find some peace around the car accident I had in 1994, and it was through a deep healing in January 2014 that I was able to open a new doorway of perception to that accident and allow for a new story to emerge. So it takes courage to re-view your life, take responsibility for what happened and trust its all part of your journey. I’m a little tired so I’m going to end today’s writing here. The tattoo stories will come return, but tomorrow I’m feeling like it’s time to share how the accident unfolded. And not even my parents or my family members know this story... Namaste

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