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Day 38: what makes a vacation?

It’s day 3 of our anniversary vacation and we’ve said a few time to each other over the last few days how much we realize being away from home that we love our home & our nesty rituals. But being away is recharging; especially since we don’t have an agenda and we’re just hanging out seeing where the day takes us. But what this vacation space is also showing us is what’s important to us when we travel, and it’s teaching us how to travel more easily with Aurora, by showing us what we brought too much of, what we wished we’d had more of and what we forgot to bring. All valuable lessons when traveling with a small human. It’s not that we’re looking for what we did wrong, but as we move about our day we notice what would be helpful to have for next time, and we’re remembering it. Being away is also helping Adam and I reconnect. It’s not that we’ve been apart, it’s just that life has been really busy lately; we’re finalizing our house and breaking ground, we’re hosting guests, I’m doing some private coaching, we’re hosting classes, we’re hosting volunteers, we’re learning this new life with Aurora, and we’ve got 9 animals. This means there’s a lot vying for our attention, so though we’re always around each other and moving around each other efficiently, how we move around each other could me more mindful & heart full.

So enter our vacation, which is unstructured family time with our intention & eyes on what would add to our experience? We put on that lens when we think about what we want to do with our attention, and we apply it to stores, restaurants and activities. It’s been fun to explore this idea. So far we’ve had lots of cozy meals in our comfortable room, lots of talks, we have the aromatherapy diffuser is on, I went for a massage, I’m getting a facial tomorrow, we shopped for loose & Flowy clothes & crystals, and we’re spending lots of time without clothes on. Maybe we’ll go to the hummingbird sanctuary, but maybe we’ll just rest here while I write & Adam reads and we let Aurora May guide us. Life feels soft right now and that’s a space I love to create from. We’ll see what comes through tomorrow.

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