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Day 28.5: Life Update

In previous stories I shared how I lied, I moved in way early, and I said yes when I meant no.

Today I’m going to share how and why I gave away my virginity. I’m feeling a little heady & hearty because yesterday I shared that I sent my story from day 26 (how I left my fiancé) to my mom, and she replied that she believes I sell myself short, that I continuously give away my power and she looked forward to when I’d choose to take back my power and realize how special and powerful I am. Whoa. Talk about mind blow and enormous opportunity for self introspection, life auditing and inner healing and integration. I thanked her for her words.

So with that in my heart & mind, I took yesterday to be with myself and my family. We had friends in town from the The Luna lodge down in the OSA peninsula, so we connected with them, I got an Incredible massage from Amed, who is the healer from Luna lodge, I had a goal coaching meeting, we filmed a segment for the yoga video our friend Alex is making us, I did a little writing and I got to dress up in something other than yoga pants because we went out for Alex’s Ciao for now dinner get together. It was a good day. But as I said, it was a day I was thinking a lot about myself and pondering the idea of personal power; how I’ve defined it, what about it I hold sacred, and how over most of my life, I’ve given it (my personal power) out to so many people who probably didn’t care to have it or didn’t even know I’d given it to them. It’s time to take it back; all of it. And I think that’s happening in these stories. I’m able to share them with more love than they’ve ever seen, and release any residual hindering energy I had attached, and reintegrate that energy back to me. So how could life feel with all that reclaimed power? Wow pretty vibrant, powerful, free and healing. And know that there is a story here for today; it’s about who I gave the power of my virginity to the day before my 16th birthday and why. Yes this is pretty personal, but it’s also a very powerful story, and seeing as how I just celebrated the 25th anniversary since giving away my virginity, it’s time to share. Tomorrow, as I’m over my hour for today and I’d like to go be with my family ❤️ Namaste

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