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Day 16: (part 2) A different Match.com experience

A few days ago we were talking about one of a few really pivotal Match.com experiences I’ve had, and I left off sharing that I’d just come up with the idea of having Jeremy and I’s first date be me meeting him for a weekend together in Vermont at his bike race, which he was already doing and didn’t invite me to. He loved the idea but didn’t really believe I’d do something so crazy and risky. At that point I’d driven 2 hours for a date to Logan, Utah, and that was far. I hadn’t yet gotten on a plane for a first date, so I was nervously excited. I booked my plane ticket to Albany, NY, with insurance (in case I changed my mind over the next few days), rearranged my commitments and schedule to support me going on the trip, and then invited my friend Adrienne over to watch grey’s anatomy and go through my closet and help me pick out an outfit for every possible interaction. There would be inside and outside hang out time, lounge time, sleep time and massage time, because I told him I’d bring my table and do massage and feed zone stuff because not only was I experienced from working the previous year with road bike teams, but I also could write off my trip in my taxes if I did massage. It was a brilliant plan according to me. Jeremy was the last txt msg I sent when wheels went up in Salt Lake City, and he said, “see you soon xx” and I really felt the “holy shitness” of what I was doing. When we landed in Albany I turned on my phone and there he was, “I’m waiting in baggage claim.” This was it. I stopped at the bathroom, put some lip gloss on, blotted my forehead that had gotten a little oily from traveling and carefully re-tied my bun on the top of my head, trying my best to appear like I had just thrown it up without a care in the world. When I emerged into baggage claim I saw him. He was very handsome, and had a little less hair than I’d anticipated from seeing his pictures, but I didn’t make that matter. Whatever happened was going to be fun, and I’d be totally present with him that weekend. Besides, he said the race track and hotel were in the forest, so cell service wasn’t spectacular and they had internet in the lobby. So it was going to be a low to no device kind of trip. Jeremy and I hugged with a comfort like old friends seeing each other again after a long time and we had an immediate ease with another that I really appreciated. We had a 3.5 hour road trip together and Jeremy has borrowed friend’s car to pick me up. The time went by quickly and the drive helped us both relax into this totally new and different experience we were having. It was like a first date on steroids. Jeremy had his own hotel room with a roommate next door, but we went to my hotel first and just talked. We ordered take out food from the restaurant near by and as the night got later and later, until we were both struggling to keep our eyes open, he asked the question, could he stay over? He insisted he’d just m get into his boxers and sleep next to me, and bars what happened. It was adorable. I watched Jeremy race that weekend on the mountain trails, some that were ridiculously steep and curvy. We went for hikes, I gave him a massage, I cheered him on from the side of the trail and at the finish line. I was also his date to the Cannondale athlete dinner the last day of the race (yes I knew that and yes I had an outfit for it). He kissed me that night and stayed over once again and slept next to me in his boxer shorts. Jeremy arranged for a friend to take me back to the airport so I didn’t have to take a shuttle; he was staying several more days with his team before flying to Spain. A few hours before I left for the airport, as we were enjoying coffee and breakfast with his friends, I asked him what if I extended my trip? And what if we rented a car and drove back to the airport together? Once again, he loved the idea. Two days later Jeremy and I are driving to the airport and having a very different discussion than we were 5 days earlier when he’d just picked me up from Albany and we were heading to Stowe, vt. We were talking about how to see each other again, and it went from being a long shot to ever seeing each other again, to perhaps he could come visit after Spain? It was a yes for me. I got on that plane back to Salt Lake City knowing that I’d made the right choice to risk big for this first date, because it was going somewhere. Two weeks later Jeremy is on a plane back to Colorado from Spain, and he’s on his way to Utah for a visit. My first sleepover guest since I moved into my dad’s apartment, which he still had an office and presence at. He knew I was meeting men online and he also knew I was 29, so I could make adult decisions. He stayed out of the office that weekend so that Jeremy and I could have our experience together. Two weeks later Jeremy packed up his life in Durango, Colorado and moved in with me in Park City, Utah. He was a professional mountain biker, so he could live anywhere that had mountains and trails. Our relationship lasted 1 year and 7 months and I got many lessons and a gorgeous and well trained dog from the separation. But how that all happened is another story. Much love, Harriet

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