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Day 14: Today.

It's day 14 of this "experiment" of making my goal to improve my self and my relationship with my self, with others and with information coming into my field of perception. And I'm excited to share that it's working, I'm feeling the effects of the work I've been doing. I'm writing every day, I'm journaling (writing), I'm staying hydrated, I'm feeling my feelings (even when they're messy) and I'm noticing when I'm making the easy hard, just in everyday life, with my perception of my reality.

The result is that I've felt a big energetic shift; it began yesterday in morning yoga, continued to show itself through conversations and my physical feeling throughout the day, and then the surge grew this morning. And when I woke up this morning, it felt intense and I instantly needed to shift the environment around me to support the new energy coming in.

That means at 6:30am my brain was getting steady and strong downloads from the "cosmos", "Universe", "Source" (whatever you call something bigger), and it was telling me what needed to happen and that I needed to start immediately. It said to rearrange our house, and make little tweaks in 2 other spaces. The instructions were quite specific and it felt as though I was being guided by a distinctly different voice than my own. I was told what furniture needed to stay, what needed to move, what needed to go, and what order it all needed to happen to allow this to unfold smoothly before Adam woke up at 9:15am. This didn't feel like something I needed to ask for permission or an opinion from Adam to do, it felt like a divine insight on how to upgrade our space simply by rearranging it was bestowed on me. The intention was to have our space reflect some of our core family values of connection, communication, community and comfort.

Here are a few things I was told to do:

1. Moving the kitchen couch and coffee table downstairs into the second kitchen and moving the kitchen table upstairs. This lets us dine together, rather than sitting on the couch with the plate on our lap, or hunched next to each other on the kitchen couch eating. It also leaves room for Aurora to join us when she's ready (which is coming up fast).

2. We shifted the couch positions in our living room and it opened the whole room up and allows us to enjoy the view more

3. We retired some worn chairs from our Airbnb porch to the lower porch, where they can be enjoyed by our grateful volunteers. I shared yesterday about the Airbnb experience we had. A lot of energy was moved in that space, so it needed a good energetic shake up, cleansing, clearing and re-intentionizing to attract some fresh energy.

4. We organized empty boxes for storage for the spring before we move

5. Organized recycling

6. Reorganized the apartments so that each got a tune up or upgrade with something that wasn't there before

And all this happened before Adam woke up.

Yes I was exhausted, but the feeling of relief I had from shifting those spaces was profound. It helped Adam and I connect, it helped me get organized around some new ideas and helped the space feel more relaxed. The relaxation then helps us connect more and better to the new space we're building, so we're able to see it more and more clearly and make necessary changes to the design.

So we are IN IT and needing to keep the vibe strong and on course.

I'm feeling grateful for this commitment, I'm feeling grateful for the hard stuff, I'm feeling grateful for this new desk space I'm using (I usually type on my iPhone), I'm grateful for the friends who came to dinner tonight, I'm grateful Adam cooked, I'm grateful our daughter is our daughter and I'm getting better every day at softening and relaxing into life.

I'm at an hour, and I need to get to bed, I'm so tired from all this movement today.

Just for fun, here's the FIRST PHOTO ever taken of Adam and I. It was the day after we met and I'd left my yoga retreat I was on so that he could take me cliff jumping on his birthday. It was amazing.

Much love, Harriet

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