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Day 13: on being responsible for your experience

*picture is of my new mala a girlfriend made for me

I know I was going to continue my epic first date Match.com story and what I learned about life through a guy named Jeremy, but something else from my now feels more important to share. It’s about the power of taking responsibility for your experience and the power of projection. If you don’t know already, we hold space for a little B&Y (bed & yoga) healing project down in Potrero, Costa Rica called the Sanctuary. It’s an active healing space in that we have sacred geometry tools set up in the space, we regularly smudge the space, Adam practices energy healing here, I guide yoga & healing classes, we and do our best to stay intentional at all levels of the space. That also means that whatever and whoever comes through the space we believe is for our highest good and healing. Yeah, it’s not always easy. The space has 4 rentable apartments, two of which we rent through Airbnb and 2 we reserve for volunteers from a program called Work Away, to come and live here with us for 1-3 months at a time to help us with daily life responsibilities, help us hold the yoga space and help us navigate the guest experience fluidly. It’s a great exchange for everyone. So all that being said, we recently had an unexpected healing experience thanks to Airbnb. We had two Airbnb guests here for roughly the same period of time, about a week. In 1 apartment was a couple and in the other 1 single female traveler. They were renting identical apartments that were decorated differently and had access to the same Airbnb experience here. Both asked questions before they arrived, both were given the same suggestions ahead of time and both had access to the same welcome manual. One guest was a self pronounced yogi, another a self pronounced non-yogi and all three booked healing sessions with my husband adam. You’d think they’d have similar experiences here, but that’s not at all what happened, thanks to the nature of the universe and everyone attracting exactly what they need to learn and grow through through. Tbe yogi couple was nice to our face, listened to our suggestions for massages and beaches, and ended up canceling their healing sessions, and leaving without a goodbye. Upon reading their review, I didn’t recognize our space through their eyes; nothing was right. They listed everything that was wrong, and gave us a non favorable review and a long private message about what else was wrong. It was a shock, because we had no idea they were having this experience until after they left . The non yogi was so sweet, invited us out for dinner, gifted us organic baby formula we can’t find in Costa Rica, raves about her healing session to our mutual friend, and left giving us hugs and had tears in her eyes. And her toilet was even clogged during a few days of her stay, but she just laughed and didn’t let that disrupt her gratitude and lens of love. Do you see what I see? Two very different experiences of the same circumstances that all came down to how they perceived their reality. One hunted for the negative, which you’ll always find if you go looking, and the other was emotionally available, present and grateful. Guess who had a better time and created lifelong connections? Not the self proclaimed yogi. So the lesson here is there will always be stuff happening that can and will knock you over. But you can get back up, laugh and brush yourself off, or you can stay down and point fingers at everyone else for why you’re down. Both experiences use energy, but one is a lot more effective than the other for creating and manifesting love. If that’s the sorta thing you’re into ;) Cheers to another day of being in this healing journey together and thank you Airbnb for continuing to bring us what and who we need to meet for our highest growth. Namaste.

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