Day 11: detour for other self care

August 17, 2018



Day 11: detour

So today I was going to write about the time I flew across the country for a first date. But life took a different turn and it was a self care day.

I got a massage from my husband, I took a nap, I hung out with my daughter, I cleaned our house, I cuddled with a puppy who we may adopt, I did a face mask, I walked our dogs, I responded to some emails, I ran 10 minutes, drank a lot of water, chose carrots over chips, I had an interview with a potential Work Away volunteer to come help us for a month, I did some laundry, I looked over our home plans for our build out, I cheered on a friend who’s working on her goal, I dreamed up ideas around the future retreats and trainings we’ll be having at our new place and I ate some of the chocolate I got for my birthday. I listened to a great podcast called “Rise Together” (took a screenshot) and I gave my husband an incredible Thai yoga massage massage last night. This navigating life as parents can be challenging, regardless of how much we love each other and I’ve been proud of how much we’ve been operating like a team, and communicating through hard stuff.

So maybe I didn’t complete a whole story today, but I did keep my notes section open on my phone for over an hour, does that count? Sure, I’ll let it count. Because I did show up to the practice of life and that’s what this is about.

More on tomorrow. 


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