Day 8: Status Update

August 14, 2018

Status Update

So it’s day 7 of this challenge to both write and take care of myself every day and I’m going to share the results thus far.

It has been hard.

But not for reasons that necessarily make sense. Sure I have the luxury right now of having a pocket of time where self care is my #1 priority, but really when you think about it, why isn’t self care more of everyone’s priority? I know that when I’m feeling good, I can move through the world more easily and I respond to people and situations with more compassion and understanding. And when I’m not feeling good, meaning I’m not hydrated, I haven’t eaten, or I haven’t moved or meditated, it’s more of a challenge for me to navigate the world peacefully. So why does it take me creating a challenge to really put myself first? That’s what’s been interesting to explore here.

To me, self care isn’t just about taking the time to go and get a massage. For me, it’s about asking myself what makes my body and soul feel good, and to follow the breadcrumbs to that. Sometimes that means saying yes to things, but sometimes it also means saying no. Self care also means I’ve decluttered my inner space, my physical space, I’ve put energy towards moving the needle forward on anything positive or healing in my life and I’ve cleared myself frequently when the planets are doing crazy stuff or when I’ve been around a lot of people. Sometimes it feels like self care is a full time job. But writing has been the main thing I’ve wanted to do with this challenge of self care, because it’s on my mind all the time. So it has been so therapeutic for me to write here and then also write in my journal the things from the day that brought me joy, things I accomplished or things I want to remember. Because it’s so damn easy for my brain to come up with ways the day wasn’t enough, so it’s reversing a habit.

To me, any and all of the following are self care:

Drinking water
Eating stuff my body responds well to
Sending a positive email or txt
Following through on something I said I’d do
Cleaning my space
Taking a shower
Going to the beach
Hanging out with our daughter
Hanging out with our dogs
Being supportive of a friend
Reaching out to a family member
Putting on a facial mask
Rearranging the clothes in my closet
Making a giveaway pile
Giving a compliment

But this writing thing, wow has it been a challenge in and of itself. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say or stories to share, it’s that I’ve never made it a regular part of my daily life practice, yet I’ve somehow thought it was reasonable that my first book would just fall out of me. And just like opening my business didn’t happen in a few random spurts of energy, nor will this goal of writing a book. I need to show up to this practice of writing, even when I don’t feel like it, I don’t know what to say or if I’m afraid I’ll hurt someone’s feelings by sharing a story.

But this is IT. This is the work. Leaning in and learning when I want to harden or freeze up. And because I believe the world needs more softening and relating, it’s my goal to show up for that in my own life first, especially if I want the world to show up.

Ok, I feel better and softer.
Cheers to another day of doing my best to be myself at an optimized level and taking inspired action from there.

Back to the family.

Much love,




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