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Day 6: Manifesting with Aurora May

Dear Aurora May, It’s been 22 weeks and 2 days since you arrived. At this point you’re rolling yourself over, you’re clearly expressing yourself when you have a need, you light up when you see us, you sleep for marvelous long gaps of time allowing us to rest, and you eat your feet a lot. You’re a happy baby and it’s been such an honor to grow with you, but it’s also been scary at times, cause I’m new at this and I want to be perfect out of the gates, which is impossible. You’re growing so fast and I can tell that from how you watch the world unfolding around you to how you no longer fit into a onesie we bought 3 weeks ago. Today is a partial solar eclipse and new moon in Leo, which means it’s a great time to get clear on what I want for you and what I want for our family. You’ve certainly inherited a lot of energy from me. In fact, 50% of you is me, and I can see me in so much of you already. I see your swift shifts in mood that come out of now where, I see your preference for some people or strangers over others, I see the joy you emit when you see your father, I see how sweet the animals are with you, I see how peaceful you are when you fall asleep on me after you nurse, I see how you love seeing a familiar face when you first wake up to help ground you, I see you look curiously at what you don’t understand and I see how much you love the group energy of a yoga class. You are so much like me, and I’m so much like you. What a humbling gift to have a live measure of my own vibration and relationship with the world right before me. That being said, seeing you and feeling you makes me even more aware of my own shit and limiting beliefs. And me noticing them and looking at them rather than reacting or responding with hardness IS the growth and IS the alchemy. So Aurora May, in the energy of this new moon and eclipse in Leo, I’m inviting in the following: 💞Creativity and an open heart & mind as we sign off on the final design of our new home 🙏🏻 A fluid and peaceful building process 👣Clear communication during the building 💃🏽 A healthy body & mind 🌻 The wisdom to let sleeping dogs, people and babies be 💰 Abundant resources to help us accomplish all we need to do ❤️ Peace in all our family life: immediate, extended & work family 😇 Support and community 🗣 A clear voice and message to the world 🧚🏻‍♀️ Lots of magic, healing & light ☘️ Lots of resolutions & ah ha’s 🌈 Compassion & joy 💥 A willingness to grow through what I’m going through And so it is. I love you Aurora May, and I’m doing my best to be my best self in honor of you and the good we can create in the world together. Happy new moon & eclipse in Leo baby girl, it’s a great day to keep growing. Love, your adoring mom

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